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14 May 1987

My name is Raven McBain (real name Patricia)Otherwise known as Patty, Mouse, Monkey, Monkeymouse, Zip, Volts, PeaCe, or the evil gremlin (I used to rp Sheldon Hawkes, Mike Keppler, John McBain, V, Master theif Turner and Chance Winters)You may know me as ScifiRogue or ScifiRogue_Kane, but I had to abandon those accounts because of outside influences. As a result of those outside influences, I keep most of the entries on this journel friends only, so if you wish to read my journal, please friend me and leave a comment telling me how you know me, or what we have in common, please and thank you, anyway, now on to the good stuff.

Altright I'm a martian come here by way of the (dwarf) planet Pluto. I love to watch tv and movies, when I have the time and I love to read but don't bother looking up any of the stuff I love to watch or read it's all obscure and the tv shows have all been off for several years. Except lately I've been getting into some stuff that's still on and to my surprise it seems to be mostly crime dramas nowadays as opposed to my usual science fiction/fantasy, though I still do get the rare scifi/fantasy. I graduated university with a arts degree majoring in theatre (acting stream) and writing (creative writing stream) and am now working to perfect my crafts of acting and writing, although one day I may take to the screen, right now my passion is stage performing.

I'm a actor although I haven't done many paid projects but now that I've finished my university training, I'm working on that. I work in community theatre and create my own projects as well. I have done a couple projects for the Fringe, a one-woman show and a unusual type of project that I wrote all by myself. I always help out with the threserman reunion skits as well as public awareness acting projects.
singer although illness has taken it's toll on my voice but I love to sing, especially musical theater songs of course but I just have a passion for music of any and all types. My father is an amazing singer and has been trying to teach me to train my voice, although it was his impressions that really made me want to work on my voice. I can't read music which is a challenge but I can pick music up by ear. I also like to fancy myself a dancer although I have the grace of a elephant with his legs chained together, but I love jazz, alternative and random dance anyway.

I'm also a writer, at the moment mostly fanfic, will do poetry if muse shoves bamboo under fingernails and are working on a fantasy/historical novel that I hope to have published someday, I also have written a few short plays and one-women shows, including my hour long Fringe performance, and co-writing my previous Fringe show. My mom pushed this passion especially my script writing, she always told me I could be like those actors who wrote the script, starred in it and became big names, I don't want to be a big name but I appreciated the thought. I just love telling stories, connecting to stories, creating and recreating stories. The art of storytelling is very important to human culture and I love utilizing it and expanding it.

I am living with a illnes that refuses to be diagnosed but that I won't let take me down. I do some running (short not long no matter WHAT my track couch thought, though recently the only running I do is for the bus though I try to walk every day), I have some quirks that some people call disabilities (I just use them to my advantage though I fight for my health daily), I love my huge crazy family (despite strong rumors I am not a clone of my cousin), I dream of staring in musical theater (I especially hope to one day play Peter Pan, unfortunately I have been having to rethink this goal recently), oh and I'm bi and on occasion write slash fanfiction, scary HUH. I'm usually quiet and shy except around people I know then I do frighting things like dress up Ken in Barbie's clothes, or howl at passing cars on the highway, or mone the camera (hey we all did it and we were far enough away that you couldn't tell who we were.) As well as a few fanfic I will post Poetry, some original pieces, personal updates, memes and rants about television, religion, philosophy, theater, family, job searching, health or whatever else tickles my fancy. If your lucky I might share some of my innovative recipes with you. I hope to be able to get a steady stream of television, movie, book and other reviews but for the time being I'm just far too busy (and somewhat lazy) I've also been trying my hand at icons recently though they really are not that great. I am still sadly grieving for my partner who died in 2009 as well as my mother who died in 2011 and am still learning how to cope with the losses. Oh and when I say I ramble it generally just flows out of my head with little concern for spelling, paragraphing and all those great things just to warn you. All fanfiction pieces will be clearly marked so if your just here for my ramblings your more then welcome, just remember to check your prejudices at the door, or I will unfriend you.

A note on my fanfiction. Although I will occasionally write het or gen fanfic, a great deal of my fanfiction is slash (two men or two women in a relationship), so PLEASE read the warnings on the piece before you read it if you are offended by that kind of thing. Also I mostly write short pieces, I enjoy feedback of course, I love it you can't give me enough, and if you ask for a piece to be lengthened or given a sequel I might do it, but don't be too disapointed if I don't, that's just who I am. Although I do post my fiction work here, I will also be posting it on Dragon_Raven so if you simply wish to read my fiction you may go there rather then friending me. I am hitting a sight dry spell with my fanfic right now I just don't have the energy to write or the ideas.

I don't know how much I shall post but don't count me out just yet "never give up, never surender" I shall fight to the death for my right to confuse you. Yes so please read my insanity and be sure to 'talk' to me I love to hear from new and old friends about my latest ramble or meme. Well gotta fly.

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